Setting Up Ford’s SYNC System: Video Demonstrations

March 15, 2010

SYNC is a cutting edge, in-car connectivity system developed by Ford and Microsoft that facilitates voice command operation of cellular phones and mp3 players. The technology offers customized GPS features with verbal turn by turn directions. In addition to conveniences such as traffic and weather updates, and sports news, SYNC offers important safety features.  SYNC is equipped with 9-1-1 assist which is alerted of an accident by air bag deployment. The system will attempt to contact the driver when there has been accident, or contacts emergency personnel if there is no response. As an added protection for you and your vehicle, SYNC’s newest feature- Vehicle Health Reporting notifies the driver of any possible vehicle maintenance concerns.

SYNC  is extremely easy to use.  By pushing one button and using the voice command “call home”, an entire phone conversation can be conveyed through the vehicle speaker system.  This eliminates the dangers of operating the vehicle while dialing or holding a cellular phone. The Music System works similarly, enabling all the features of an I-pod or Mp3 player through voice command.  The driver can command SYNC to play a specific song, album, artist, genre, or playlist without ever physically touching the device.

Ford and Microsoft teamed up to develop the best connectivity system on the market and certainly the best price-no monthly fee for the first three years.  After three years one can opt to pay the monthly fee for the traffic reports, sports scores, and turn-by-turn directions, while most features remain free.

Check out the video demonstration below to see for yourself how easy SYNC is to use:

Pairing Your Phone to Sync

Operating Sync’s Music Features


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