“Hometown Team” Sharonville Transmission Plant and the UAW Local 863 scored a huge victory with the All New Ford Torqshift 6 Speed Heavy Duty Selectshift Transmission.

March 18, 2010

Fuller Ford congratulates the efforts of the UAW workers (active and retired) and the Engineers  who paved the way for this exciting new product.  The engines seem to get the lion share of the press, but it is this transmission that enables the All New 2011 Superduty to achieve Best In Class Payload and Best In Class Towing.  It started with a beefy one piece construction with rugged and heftier gears and is topped off with the latest technology such as “Manual Mode”, “Progressive Range Select” , and “Tow Haul Mode” that puts this transmission in a class by itself. It is already being tested for much larger and demanding trucks including real world applications for the troops in Afghanistan.  Too much information for this article, check out the design, features, and tests for yourself at …http://www.fordvehicles.com/2011superduty/?p=powertrain&video=transmission


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