Why Choose An All-Electric Vehicle?

February 19, 2012

How it’s distinct:

While similar to a hybrid and plug-in hybrid in that it has an electric motor, high-voltage battery pack and uses regenerative braking, an all-electric vehicle runs purely on electricity, which means zero CO₂ emissions. And no gasoline is required. Ever. And like a plug-in hybrid, an all-electric vehicle features a charging port so it can be plugged into an electric outlet to charge the battery pack. Although it can be charged from a standard 120V wall outlet, charge time is optimized with the use of an available, Ford-approved 240V charging station.

How it works:

All-electric vehicles rely solely on electric power from the lithium-ion battery pack. Ford Focus Electric is projected to have a top speed of 84 mph, with a mpg equivalent competitive with other electric vehicles in the market. The battery pack is charged by plugging the car into an available 240V charging station. A complete charge at 240V takes 3-4 hours – half the time of some other all-electric vehicles. Regenerative braking also helps to charge the battery pack.

How it saves:

Because electricity is generally cheaper than gasoline, an all-electric vehicle can be less costly to operate, especially if it’s charged at night when the rates are lower. Using an average electricity price of 12 to 15 cents per kWh (as of 3/31/11) a full charge of the 23-kWh battery pack in Focus Electric would cost an estimated $2 to $3. Plus, an all-electric vehicle like Focus Electric has fewer moving mechanical parts than a gas-powered vehicle, which nearly eliminates scheduled maintenance, saving drivers time and money on those services. So no matter how long they own the car or how many miles they drive over the years, owners will never:

  • Wait in line for oil changes
  • Experience the inconvenience of a worn-out muffler, exhaust pipes or serpentine belt
  • Have to change dirty engine air filters or fuel filters
  • Replace spark plugs or O₂ sensors

How it fits your lifestyle:

An all-electric vehicle is the ideal choice for people who primarily use their vehicle for city driving and daily commutes that fall within the car’s battery pack range. (According to the Federal Government’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average daily commute is 40 miles, most of which [35 miles] are in a personal vehicle.) By plugging the Focus Electric into the recommended 240V charging station for 3-4 hours, owners are good to go. The vehicle can also be plugged into a 120V outlet – although the charge time will be longer. As with the plug-in hybrid, drivers can use a special MyFord™ Mobile app when they are away from their car to plan their trip, monitor or remotely control its charge status, find charging stations, etc. Similarly, when in their car, they can access MyFord Touch™ screens for additional functionality, including calculating real-time energy consumption and range, route planning and useful reporting features.

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Electric Vehicles: Part of the Plan, Part of the Future

February 20, 2011

Ford Motor Company will launch five electrified vehicles in the U.S. by 2012. Additionally, Ford will introduce a variety of new technologies, such as Microsoft Hohm™, that will help future owners of Ford electric vehicles optimize the way they recharge their vehicle and manage their home’s energy use.  Also, Ford will create a center of excellence for vehicle electrification where the company will design, engineer and produce key components for its next-generation hybrid-electric and 100 percent electric vehicles.

The Ford plan is to deliver a suite of electrified vehicles to a variety of markets and build an overall plan that offers the widest possible range of technology solutions – instead of a single vehicle or technology – to improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions for customers around the world.

Ford has a much broader overall strategy that will bring to market a suite of vehicles that will offer a variety of electrified powertrains. On the commercial fleet side, it begins with the Transit Connect Electric. On the retail side, it will be the 100 percent electric Focus. These vehicles represent the first steps in Ford’s electrification path moving forward. Both vehicles bring new levels of technology to the market and will change the way customers interact with their vehicles.

The Ford suite of electrified powertrains will include:

Hybrid Electric Vehicles – currently available on Escape and Fusion, gasoline hybrids combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor for improved fuel economy and/or performance over a conventional gasoline engine. The battery electric systems on hybrids are “regenerative” – meaning they produce their own electric power to recharge the battery – and do not need to be plugged in.

Plug-in Electric Vehicles – the next generation of hybrid electric vehicles will offer an extended electric driving range beyond today’s hybrids. This powertrain also combines a gasoline engine with a regenerative electric system and features a high-voltage battery and charge port. This powertrain will allow owners to plug their vehicle in, extending the distance the vehicle can travel in battery mode and, in turn, decreasing gasoline consumption even further.

All-electric Vehicles – available on the 2012 Focus, this powertrain is all electric. Instead of a gasoline engine, this vehicle will feature an electric motor, charging port, high-voltage lithium ion battery and a regenerative braking system. The powertrain is targeted to go up to 100 miles on a single charge and is rechargeable using a 120- or 240-volt electrical outlet. Seeing as electricity is often cheaper than gasoline, it may be less costly to operate. It will also feature an easy to use, advanced power management system to assist drivers in planning trips and managing battery life.

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