PUCO Rules and Regulations

July 26, 2011

Don’t let this happen to you! PUCO rules and regulations are real and are being enforced. Recently the Cincinnati Police pulled over two trucks right in front of Fuller Ford because they did not adhere to PUCO regulations. This particular company had two dump trucks pulled over by local law enforcement because their total vehicle weight far exceeded the GVWR of the vehicles. If law enforcement suspects your vehicle is overloaded or does not have the proper license plates, they will not hesitate to pull you over. On this particular day, the police pulled over and weighed both vehicles on the spot. The individuals were then ticketed for the offense.

Many commercial truck owners are confused by the rules and regulations regarding operation of a commercial truck. This is compounded by the 500 plus pages of information in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Pocketbook or the 300 plus pages of information printed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.  Here is our attempt to simplify the information overload.

First of all there are some key terms that need to be explained:

Inter or Intrastate transport:  Interstate is defined as crossing state lines. Intrastate is transport within a particular state’s boundaries.

Private or for Hire: If you transport your own property, equipment or personnel, you are a private carrier.  If you transport property, equipment, or passengers and receive compensation you are a for-hire carrier or common motor carrier.

GVW or GVWR: Stands for Gross Vehicle Weight or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the total combined weight of the truck, passengers, cargo, fuel, and towed units if the GVWR of the towed unit is 10,001 lbs. or more.  The GVWR is located on the left front door or door jamb of the truck on the vehicle identification decal or plate.

If you transport hazardous materials and placards are required on your trucks, the PUCO regulations apply to you. Therefore, you definitely need to get an annual DOT inspection.  In Ohio, call 614-466-3392 to get your DOT number and register with The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

A brief overview of whether PUCO regulations apply for non-hazardous motor carriers:



*GVWR includes towed unit with a GVWR of 10,001 lbs. or more. For example, on the second line above, if the customer is towing a 10,001 lbs. trailer, the GVWR of the towing vehicle cannot exceed 16,000 lbs. or PUCO regulations would apply.

More specific information about the above and guidelines for Motor Carriers of passengers can be viewed/downloaded here:

PUCO handbook pdf

Fuller Ford performs annual DOT inspections for $89.95. This includes pulling the wheels and performing a complete brake inspection.  The customer will be notified of any violations of PUCO regulations and advised on any brake repairs or other maintenance.  If it is the first DOT inspection, including new vehicles the DOT inspection plus the required fire extinguisher, triangle kit costs $229.95. Fuller Ford will also put the necessary inspection decal on the truck, keep the required files, and notify you every year when your inspection is due.  Not only are you complying with state law, but you are getting a very important and proper vehicle inspection as well.  Please contact Fuller Ford’s service department for an appointment: http://www.fullerisford.com/schedule-service.aspx.


Ford Truck Commercial Upfit Rebates

September 9, 2010

Ford’s long history in the commercial vehicle market is backed by a reputation of quality, power, dependability and value. Ford Truck Commercial Connection Incentives offer even more value to your business with added purchasing power.


  • Pickups: Plow, Salt Spreader, Tool Boxes, Rear Lift Gates, Side Racks, Ladder Racks, Spray Tanks and Spreaders, Winches, Professionally created and permanently installed painted or vinyl company graphics and logos.
  • Chassis Cabs: Beverage Trucks, Box/PDV Trucks, Crane Body, Dump Trucks, Flat-Bed/Stake Trucks, Plow, Service/Utility Trucks, Spreader, Tow Trucks
  • Cutaways: Ambulances, Box/PDV Trucks, Shuttle Buses, Utility Body
  • E-Series Wagons: Shuttle
  • E-Series Cargo Vans: EconoCargo Interior Systems, QuietFlex Storage Systems, Masterack Racks & Bins, Vocational Upgrades
  • Transit Connect Van: Legget & Platt, Sortimo, Katerack and Adrian Steel Interior Systems


  • Ranger Pickup: $500 Upfit Cash*
  • F150 Pickup: $500 Upfit Cash*
  • F-Series Super Duty Pickups (F250 – F450): $500 Upfit Cash*
  • F-Series Super Duty Chassis Cabs (F350 – F550): $1000 Upfit Cash*
  • F650 & F750 Super Duty Chassis Cabs: $1500 Upfit Cash*
  • Transit Connect: Up To $500 Upfit Cash**
  • E-Series Cargo Vans: $1200 Upfit Cash (Call Fuller Ford @ (513) 352-5800 x 51 for information on additional interior storage incentives)*
  • E-Series Wagons: $1000 Upfit Cash*
  • E-Series Super Duty Cutaways & Stripped Chassis: $1000 Upfit Cash*


As always, Fuller Ford offers Lifetime Free Oil Changes on ALL new vehicle purchases – in stock or factory ordered. This includes ALL Ford commercial trucks! Fuller Ford is the Cincinnati Tri-State Region’s commercial truck leader. Whether you are coming from Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, we are conveniently located right off of I-75, just west of downtown Cincinnati.  Check out our entire commercial truck inventory at http://http://www.fullerisford.com/commercial-new.aspx.

*Receive upfit assistance for the cost of the upfit up to $500. Unit must contain a ship-thru code of 31D or 31C to be eligible for up to $500 upfit assistance. Non ship-thru orders are only eligible for a maximum of $400 upfit assistance on upfits costing $200 or more. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 7/31/11. See dealer for details.

**Available on upfits costing $1200 or more. Excludes available factory-installed options. Take new retail delivery from dealer stock by 7/31/11. Restrictions apply. See dealer for details. Units receiving any form of CPA (56A), GPC (56G), Long-Term Rental (56K) or other concessions are ineligible.

Transit Connect Offers Endless Upfitter Possibilities

June 6, 2010

The Ford Transit Connect has quickly gained a reputation for its flexible balance of capacity and fuel efficiency. No other vehicle in the American market delivers the combination of capability and fuel economy offered by Transit Connect. That is why it was named 2010 North American Truck of the Year at this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit. However, many people might not realize that the Transit Connect can be equipped in countless ways to cater to their business’s specific needs. Transit Connect’s multiple configurations (Van and Wagon), vertical cargo walls, long loadfloor and low load height offer virtually unlimited upfitter possibilities. There are a number of new offerings from several different upfitters such as Adrian Steel.  Fuller Ford has partnered with Industrial Ladder & Supply Company, Inc. to bring you these endless possibilities from Adrian Steel. See some of the different configurations here http://www.industrialladder.com/listProducts.do?categoryID=814. The Transit Connect can be equipped with a variety of exterior racks, interior racks, bins, bulkheads and other upfits. Transit Connect accessories include, but are not limited to:

  • Wire mesh partitions and bulkheads
  • Wall liner packages
  • Mesh screens for side and rear doors
  • Cargo management systems (racks and bins)
  • Floor-mounted storage drawers
  • Exterior utility racks, ladder racks and drop-down ladder racks

There are also a number of specialty packages and features now available for the Ford Transit Connect:

  • Electrical Contractor and Plumbing HVAC – features contractor-inspired racks and bins
  • Courier Package – offers individual shelves that can be folded up or down to accommodate a variety of cargo
  • Multi-Rack System – features two 43-inch square shelves that slide out (from the rear) and can be removed. Shelf height can be adjusted
  • Multipurpose Double Floor System – serves up three long drawers that are accessible from the rear door and one long drawer from the side. Subfloor surface (above the drawer system) is 9mm Nordic Birch plywood
  • Sliding Platform – improves side accessibility and has a 300-lb. capacity
  • And more – ask us at Fuller Ford for additional information on other possibilities for your Transit Connect


Plus, there are a number of “specialty” systems now being offered for the Transit Connect. Called “Katerack,” these systems can be ordered in Transit Connect Van or Wagon configurations. Ford Motor Company offers four specialty packages:

  • Standard three-shelf base system – features three adjustable, pull-out shelves
  • Catering Upgrade – builds off the base system and adds another full (4th) drawer
  • Painter Contractor Package – features three drawers, each designed to hold up to 30 gallons of paint. It also features a single “deep drawer” that is walled on three sides to help control tall objects
  • Floral Delivery Package – has three adjustable, pull-out shelves that feature a unique, specially designed pegged floor system that is fully adjustable and helps control a variety of package shapes (see related story)


As always, Fuller Ford offers Lifetime Free Oil Changes on ALL new vehicle purchases – in stock or factory ordered. This includes the Transit Connect! Fuller Ford is the Cincinnati Tri-State Region’s commercial truck leader. Whether you are coming from Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, we are conveniently located right off of I-75, just west of downtown Cincinnati.  Check out our entire inventory at www.fullerisford.com.

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