Why Choose a Plug-in Hybrid?


How it’s distinct:

Like the hybrid, the plug-in hybrid has a gasoline engine, an electric motor and a regenerative braking system, but also features a larger lithium-ion battery pack. The gas engine and braking system recharge the battery pack while driving. This next-generation hybrid is unique in that it adds an external charge port, meaning it can be plugged into and electric outlet to fully charge its large lithium-ion battery pack. Compared to the current hybrid, this plug-in vehicle will operate at higher speeds and for longer periods on battery-only power, further helping to decrease fuel consumption and emissions.

How it works:

With the battery fully charged, in most situations the Ford plug-in hybrid will operate in pure electric mode until the battery pack is depleted. It will then switch to gasoline-engine power and operate like a traditional hybrid vehicle. A larger battery pack means it can run on electric-only power for longer periods than a regular hybrid. The high-voltage battery pack is charged to a specific level by regenerative braking and by power from the gasoline engine while driving or idling. When parked, the battery pack is fully charged by plugging it into either an available 240V outlet or a standard 120V wall outlet.

How it saves:

While mileage figures aren’t yet available, this vehicle is expected to offer potential consumer savings on fuel costs, thanks to improved fuel efficiency when compared to a hybrid. This is because the vehicle can be plugged in, which helps extend the distance the vehicle can travel in Electric Vehicle Mode.

How it fits your lifestyle:

The plug-in hybrid is the ideal choice for people who find themselves driving in a variety of conditions. For many of these drivers, city driving and daily commutes could realize significant fuel savings by simply plugging in the car overnight to fully charge the battery pack. For longer trips, the gas engine kicks in to supplement the electric power. So the plug-in hybrid easily accommodates worry-free adventures that may not allow for convenient recharging along the way. Drivers can use a special MyFord™ Mobile app when they are away from their car to plan their trip, monitor or remotely control its charge status, find charging stations, etc. Similarly, when in their car, they can access MyFord™ Touch screens for additional functionality, including calculating real-time fuel consumption and range, route planning and useful reporting features.

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