Live Operator Assistance Now Standard Feature of Ford SYNC Services

September 27, 2011

In a step to further enhance the SYNC® experience, Ford is adding Operator Assist, a new free service that allows users to connect with a live person, as a standard feature of SYNC Services.

Previously in beta test trial phase, the service is now available as part of SYNC Services and joins the growing list of cloud-based driver assistance features offered by Ford Motor Company.

“This isn’t just about offering customers a back-up option to the services we have already. This is about giving customers a variety of choices when it comes to how they would like to receive information,” said Doug VanDagens, director, Ford Connected Services Solutions Organization.

How it works

Cloud-based, on-demand, voice-activated SYNC Services provides access to information about traffic, news, sports, weather, horoscopes, stock quotes and movie listings along with business searches and turn-by-turn directions. Seventy percent of all SYNC Services calls are for business searches and from those seeking turn-by-turn directions, said David Gersabeck, product manager, SYNC Services.

Using advanced vehicle sensors, integrated GPS technology and comprehensive map and traffic data, the SYNC Services automated voice recognition system delivers turn-by-turn directions to the user. Further, with access to more than 14 million business listings, SYNC Services directs users to the businesses they seek. Operator Assist works with both the business search and directions options.

At any time during a business search or directions interaction between the user and the SYNC Services automated system, the user can say, “Operator,” confirm his or her request to speak with an operator, and connect to a live operator.

In the event a user says an address or business that the voice recognition system can’t identify, the user will be prompted with the option to connect to a live operator. If the user confirms he or she would like to speak with an operator for further assistance, the system automatically connects the user to the live operator.

“This is more than getting from point A to point B,” said Gersabeck. “It’s about delivering a level of connectivity that provides fast, hands-free connections to businesses or residences without the need for drivers to take their eyes off the road.”

A beta test trial phase – started in spring and ended with the official launch of Operator Assist – found that drivers really like having the option of talking to a live person, said Gersabeck.

“The feedback was very positive,” he said. “Our operators were told by customers that they were very happy and surprised to have an option for additional help, especially when they realized it was a free service. They expected Ford to charge for these services like our competitors do.”

When a live operator assists with a business search, the user can choose to receive turn-by-turn directions to the business, receive a text message with name, address and phone number information about the business (applies to certain phone carrier networks), or be directly connected to the phone number of the business. When a live operator assists with address entry, the user can have the directions sent directly to the vehicle. When the information is sent or the user is connected to a business, a “session” has been completed.

New customers eligible for a three-year complimentary SYNC Services account will receive 60 Operator Assist sessions. Customers with an active SYNC Services account receive a number of complimentary sessions depending on the remaining duration of their SYNC Services account:

•Less than a year remaining, 20 complimentary sessions

•Between one and two years remaining, 40 complimentary sessions

•Between two and three years remaining, 60 complimentary sessions

Owners of Ford cars and trucks can go to to:

•Buy a one-year SYNC Services subscription for $60, which includes 20 complimentary Operator Assist sessions

•Purchase additional Operator Assist sessions

•View how many Operator Assist sessions are available on their account

No in-vehicle software upgrade is required. The live operator services are provided by MyAssist, a leading live assistance and telematics service company for individuals and businesses based in Stevens Point, WI.

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Focus Adds Premium Titanium Model

September 19, 2011

The next-generation Focus is all-new for 2012 and has expanded its brand footprint with a larger series range and comfort, convenience and technology offerings that are unprecedented. The new range-topping Titanium offers small car buyers premium-level appointments and technologies.

Focus is powered by an equally new 2.0-liter gasoline direct-injection four-cylinder engine delivering up to 40 mpg on the highway, with a class-leading 160 horsepower and 146 lb.-ft. of torque.

Bringing a fuel efficiency improvement of 10 percent and 20 percent more horsepower than the previous-model Focus engine, this advanced unit uses Ti-VCT to increase responsiveness, boost fuel economy and reduce emissions.

With striking good looks and sleek profile, Focus is offered as a practical four-door or sporty five-door hatchback. Its smooth aerodynamic shape leads to a coefficient of drag as low as 0.295, besting both Chevrolet Cruze and Volkswagen Jetta.

Focus was designed and developed to meet stringent global safety standards. Starting with a body shell 30 percent stiffer than the 2011 model, Focus features next-generation airbags to tailor deployment to individual occupants and segment-exclusive Safety Canopy® curtain airbags.

For 2012, the traditional three series levels for Focus – S, SE and SEL/SES – are supplemented by an additional three variants.

An SE sport package is now offered, adding features an enthusiast will appreciate such as 16-inch painted aluminum wheels, rear disc brakes, sport-tuned suspension, leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob, cloth sport seats, black-out accent trim and SelectShift functionality when equipped with the six-speed PowerShift automatic transmission.

An available Super Fuel Economy package for Focus SE adds low-rolling-resistance tires, aerodynamically optimized wheel covers and rear disc brakes.

Taking Focus into premium small car territory, the all-new Titanium series offers comfort, convenience and technology features that are unexpected for this segment.

From dual-zone climate control, ambient lighting, sporty and stylish interior trend packages featuring two-tone full leather seats, and segment-exclusive active park assist, Focus Titanium will make customers downsizing from luxury cars and SUVs feel right at home.

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Drive One for Villa Madonna

September 16, 2011

Rick Roos Honored at Reds Game

September 14, 2011
Fuller Ford employee, Rick Roos, and his family, along with approximately 100 other military veteran families, were recognized for their service to our country at the September 12, 2011 Reds game versus the Chicago Cubs. Rick and his daughter-in-law, Sara, were honorary captains of the game. They presented the game ball to Reds manager, Dusty Baker. 

Everyone at Fuller Ford would like to offer their gratitude to Rick Roos and his family for their service and sacrifice to our country. Thank you for defending our freedom!

Never Forget

September 11, 2011

Fuller Ford remembers all of those that lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in the worst attack ever on American soil. We salute the first responders who either risked or sacrificed their lives to rescue others in the face of tragedy. And we honor the men and women who continue to defend our freedom in the War on Terror.

Fuller Ford Employee, Rick Roos, & Family to be Honored at Sept. 12 Reds Game

September 8, 2011

Recently Fuller Ford employee, Rick Roos and his son’s Tim and Adam, were honored on Clear Channel Radio spots called the “Ford Oval of Honor” in recognition of their service to our country defending freedom. 

Additionally, Rick and his family, along with approximately 100 or so other military veteran families, will be recognized at the September 12, 2011 Reds game versus the Chicago Cubs. All veterans being honored will receive a medallion encased in a cherry box frame. Clear Channel, the Cincinnati Reds and the Cincinnati North Ford Dealer Advertising Fund are working in cooperation on this program.

Rick and his daughter-in-law, Sara, will be honorary captains of the game. They will present the game ball to Reds manager, Dusty Baker.  

Everyone at Fuller Ford would like to offer their gratitude to Rick Roos and his family for their service and sacrifice to our country. Thank you for defending our freedom!  

Ford Makes Driveway Car-Washing Easy and Fun

September 6, 2011

Ford Makes Driveway Car-Washing Easy and Fun

Saving a few dollars, getting a little exercise in the sun, or prepping your classic for a summer cruise are just a few reasons to clean your vehicle by hand.

Besides, a freshly-washed and cleaned car just looks better, right?

Here are a few tips from Ford for the next time you’re in the mood to grab a hose and bucket to make the star of your driveway look its best.

Visit to watch “Ford Makes Car-Washing Easy,” a short and entertaining video featuring Gerry Bonanni, senior engineer, Paint and Body Repair and the Ford GT Mustang.



Be well-soaked: Make sure the car is fully rinsed off first and kept wet during the wash. You want to float the dirt off the surface

Use the right soap: Ford recommends soap specifically formulated for cars. “Even a mild dishwashing liquid can strip wax protection and possibly cause water spotting concerns,” said Gerry Bonanni, senior engineer, Paint and Body Repair

Grab your mitt: Ford recommends a sponge or wool mitt. Keep the sponge or mitt wet and sudsy to help float the dirt away instead of rubbing or scratching the surface

Start at the top: Wash the top, then the sides and save the bottom for last, which is where the most grit typically accumulates

Dry it off: Use a water blade and a soft towel to fully dry the vehicle

Wax on: Ford recommends waxing your car to help keep the surface protected

Wiper blades: Use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

Each Ford vehicle undergoes a five-layer paint process designed to enhance long-term durability. The procedure starts with a pretreatment that protects against corrosion and ends with a clearcoat that aids in reducing chips and scratches.



•Instrument panel: Wipe the instrument panel, interior trim areas and cluster lens with a clean, damp white cotton cloth, then use a clean and dry white cotton cloth to dry those areas. Household or glass cleaners are not recommended

•Vacuum: For fabric, carpets, cloth seats and safety belts, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and loose dirt

•Use the right cleaners: Ford recommends using auto-specific carpet and upholstery cleaner for light stains. If grease or tar is present, Ford recommends spot-cleaning the area first with an auto-specific spot-and-stain remover

•For leather seats: For routine cleaning, wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning, wipe the surface with a mild soap-and-water solution. Dry the area with a soft cloth. Leather cleaning products designed for automotive interiors also are available



Ford recommends never washing a vehicle that is hot to the touch or during exposure to strong, direct sunlight. In addition to warm weather, summer also presents other challenges when it comes to keeping your car looking nice. When you’re hit with the following, try to clean off quickly and follow these tips:

Bird droppings, bugs, suntan lotion, insect repellent: Wash off with car wash soap and water as soon as possible

Tree sap and tar: Use a good quality bug and tar remover and wax afterward

•Bothered by bugs? Going on a long trip and don’t want to face a windshield and/or bumper full of dead insects by the time you arrive? Wipe down your windshield with a tumble dryer sheet; bugs won’t stick to the glass as easily. Also, give your bumpers the once-over with cooking spray

•Don’t scratch it; smear it: Can’t get that sticker from the amusement park or beach parking lot off your window? Saturate it with cooking oil before you start scrubbing

Here are a couple of tips aimed at those who display their vehicles at car shows.



Use wheel and tire cleaner. Heavy dirt and brake dust accumulation may require a little elbow grease with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with a strong stream of water

Never apply any cleaning chemical to hot or warm wheel rims or covers



Take care when using a power washer. The high-pressure fluid could penetrate sealed parts and cause damage

Do not spray a hot engine with cold water. You could crack the engine block or other engine components

Use specially formulated engine shampoo and degreaser

The battery and filters need to be covered when cleaning. Refer to your owner’s manual

Never wash or rinse the engine while it is hot or running; water in the running engine may cause internal damage

Never wash or rinse any ignition coil, spark plug wire or spark plug well, or the area in and around these locations

Be sure to refer to your vehicle owner guide for more cleaning and care information. Contact Fuller Ford’s Parts Department at (513) 352-5870 for all of your car care needs.


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