PUCO Rules and Regulations

July 26, 2011

Don’t let this happen to you! PUCO rules and regulations are real and are being enforced. Recently the Cincinnati Police pulled over two trucks right in front of Fuller Ford because they did not adhere to PUCO regulations. This particular company had two dump trucks pulled over by local law enforcement because their total vehicle weight far exceeded the GVWR of the vehicles. If law enforcement suspects your vehicle is overloaded or does not have the proper license plates, they will not hesitate to pull you over. On this particular day, the police pulled over and weighed both vehicles on the spot. The individuals were then ticketed for the offense.

Many commercial truck owners are confused by the rules and regulations regarding operation of a commercial truck. This is compounded by the 500 plus pages of information in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Pocketbook or the 300 plus pages of information printed by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.  Here is our attempt to simplify the information overload.

First of all there are some key terms that need to be explained:

Inter or Intrastate transport:  Interstate is defined as crossing state lines. Intrastate is transport within a particular state’s boundaries.

Private or for Hire: If you transport your own property, equipment or personnel, you are a private carrier.  If you transport property, equipment, or passengers and receive compensation you are a for-hire carrier or common motor carrier.

GVW or GVWR: Stands for Gross Vehicle Weight or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the total combined weight of the truck, passengers, cargo, fuel, and towed units if the GVWR of the towed unit is 10,001 lbs. or more.  The GVWR is located on the left front door or door jamb of the truck on the vehicle identification decal or plate.

If you transport hazardous materials and placards are required on your trucks, the PUCO regulations apply to you. Therefore, you definitely need to get an annual DOT inspection.  In Ohio, call 614-466-3392 to get your DOT number and register with The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio.

A brief overview of whether PUCO regulations apply for non-hazardous motor carriers:



*GVWR includes towed unit with a GVWR of 10,001 lbs. or more. For example, on the second line above, if the customer is towing a 10,001 lbs. trailer, the GVWR of the towing vehicle cannot exceed 16,000 lbs. or PUCO regulations would apply.

More specific information about the above and guidelines for Motor Carriers of passengers can be viewed/downloaded here:

PUCO handbook pdf

Fuller Ford performs annual DOT inspections for $89.95. This includes pulling the wheels and performing a complete brake inspection.  The customer will be notified of any violations of PUCO regulations and advised on any brake repairs or other maintenance.  If it is the first DOT inspection, including new vehicles the DOT inspection plus the required fire extinguisher, triangle kit costs $229.95. Fuller Ford will also put the necessary inspection decal on the truck, keep the required files, and notify you every year when your inspection is due.  Not only are you complying with state law, but you are getting a very important and proper vehicle inspection as well.  Please contact Fuller Ford’s service department for an appointment: http://www.fullerisford.com/schedule-service.aspx.


Ford Increases Availability of Fuel-Efficient Tires Across Lineup and Leads Research Efforts for Better Technology

July 21, 2011

Even before gasoline prices topped $4 per gallon, Ford Motor Company’s attention to delivering more fuel efficient solutions for drivers was turning to tires. Specifically the development of specially engineered, low-rolling-resistance tires designed to further improve the fuel economy of its cars and crossovers.

All four of Ford’s industry-leading 40-plus-mpg cars – Fiesta SFE, Focus SFE, Fusion Hybrid and Lincoln MKZ Hybrid – come fitted with these special, fuel-saving tires.  In addition, the 2011 Ford Taurus, 2011 Ford Edge, 2011 Ford Fusion and 2011 Ford Explorer have tires with enhanced technology that helps improve fuel economy.

But more is to come. “Tire technology, pressures and wear can make a big difference to a vehicle’s fuel economy, so Ford is working closely with leading tire companies to optimize performance with low-rolling-resistance tires,” said David Rohweder, global chief engineer for Tire and Wheel Engineering.

Rolling resistance, a measure of the force required for the tire to travel down the road, is a key attribute in improving fuel economy. A 10 percent improvement in rolling resistance leads to a fuel economy improvement of as much as 2 percent, according to Ford’s tire experts.

Ford’s tire team, a dedicated group of scientists studying the chemistry of tires, is also researching materials found in other products like athletic shoes to see if there is potential for automotive application. The team is working with tire suppliers and manufacturers to evaluate these materials and ultimately to bring improved tires to market faster.

“Ford is leading the drive for innovation in fuel economy, and one mechanism to do that is through our research program on advanced tire technologies,” said Dr. Cynthia Flanigan, group leader for materials research. “Our goal is to anticipate, innovate and incorporate technologies and materials to make Ford a leader in fuel economy and to help deliver superior low-rolling-resistance tires to customers faster than anyone else.”

Building vehicles that do not compromise performance for efficiency is important to Ford. The 2011 Ford Mustang coupe, for example, is the first car to achieve a combination of 305 horsepower and 31 mpg. To deliver on that no-compromise promise, each component – like tires – is optimized for performance and efficiency.

“Ford develops tires with its suppliers to meet our performance targets in terms of grip levels, ride, noise and other attributes that today’s customers expect and demand,” Rohweder said. “We’re pushing the envelope of a well-balanced tire, one that has optimum grip in all conditions, is quiet, gets good wear and has low rolling resistance.”

Ford Motor Company is committed to delivering vehicles with the best or among the best fuel economy with every new product brought to market – without sacrificing performance, capability or driving fun. 

Optimal tire pressures can also have a beneficial effect on fuel economy, which is why all Ford and Lincoln vehicles are available with tire pressure monitoring systems that alert the driver when pressure falls below a set level. Under-inflated tires can be a safety hazard in addition to lowering fuel economy.

Fuller Ford offers Lifetime Free Oil Changes on ALL new vehicle purchases – in stock or factory ordered.  Whether you are coming from Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, we are conveniently located right off of I-75, just west of downtown Cincinnati.  Come in today to see Ford’s entire line of fuel efficient vehicles. Or, check out Fuller Ford’s inventory at http://www.fullerisford.com/default.aspx.


Ford Helps Prevent Fuel Theft as Reports of Illegal Gas Siphoning Increase Along with Price at the Pump

July 18, 2011

The only thing worse than paying more for gasoline is paying more for gasoline and having it stolen out of your gas tank. As reports of fuel theft continue to rise, Ford owners can feel a little more secure knowing their vehicles have fuel system innovations such as the Easy Fuel® (capless fuel filler) feature.

The Ford Easy Fuel feature is designed to easily let fuel in and make it difficult to get fuel out.

That’s important as gas prices hover at the $4 per gallon mark, and demand remains high with drivers in the United States consuming about 400 million gallons of gas daily.

“Our first goal is to make the refueling process as easy and trouble-free for the customer as possible,” said Brian Aitken, supervisor, Fuel Systems. “But if it also slows down would-be thieves. Ford customers benefit that way as well.”

Reports of gasoline theft have been rising across the United States, from New Jersey to California. The West Sacramento, Calif., Police Department, for example, issued a warning to residents about a rise in fuel theft that it attributed to the increase in fuel prices.

One report from Atlanta centered on a man who was caught running a garden hose from his house to a nearby car he didn’t own.

“It’s not a shock that illegal siphoning is rising with the sharp increase in the price at the pump,” said Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst for GasBuddy.com, an independent website that monitors the fuel industry. “Criminals will do anything for money, and that includes trying to take liquid gold out of your gas tank.”

Ford’s capless full filler deters gas theft two different ways. With Easy Fuel, a spring-loaded flapper door is held closed by latches that can only be released by a standard-size fuel nozzle. This eliminates the need for a fuel tank screw cap. When the proper nozzle is inserted into the filler neck of the system, the latches release, and the nozzle pushes the spring-loaded flapper door to the open position. When the nozzle is removed, the flapper door automatically is forced closed by the spring.

Easy Fuel has a unique mis-fueling inhibitor to reduce improper refueling and siphoning. The inhibitor consists of a fuel nozzle detector that guides the nozzle to the opening. If a nozzle or foreign tube of a different size – a diesel nozzle or plastic hose, for example – is placed in the filler neck of a gasoline-powered vehicle, the latches will not release. 

“Unless they understand how the mis-fueling inhibitor works and come prepared, many would-be fuel thieves are unsuccessful in siphoning fuel from Ford vehicles,” said Aitken.

Another deterrent in Ford vehicles is associated with the on-board refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) system. The main purpose of the system is to prevent vapors from escaping during the fueling process. Another deterrent in Ford vehicles is an inlet check valve that is part of the on-board refueling vapor recovery system. While the valve is primarily designed to prevent vapors from escaping during the fueling process, it also can thwart siphoning efforts because it closes automatically after the fueling process. It does so by detecting the pressure of liquid fuel as it passes. On many Ford vehicles, this valve will thwart the siphoning effort by thieves.

Still, Aitken said that despite the fact that technologies built into Ford vehicles may prevent siphoning, not all fuel thieves will be deterred.

“For another level of deterrence, a customer can purchase a locking cover,” Aitken said. The locking covers are available for purchase from Ford and Lincoln dealers.

Fuller Ford offers Lifetime Free Oil Changes on ALL new vehicle purchases – in stock or factory ordered.  Whether you are coming from Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, we are conveniently located right off of I-75, just west of downtown Cincinnati.  Come in today to see Ford’s entire line of fuel efficient vehicles. Or, check out Fuller Ford’s inventory at http://www.fullerisford.com/default.aspx.

Vote for Villa Madonna Daily until July 15!

July 12, 2011

Villa Madonna Academy recently worked with Fuller Ford to produce a video for Ford’s “Focus on Schools” contest. Each school enrolled in the contest has the chance to win anywhere from $1000 up to the grand prize of $10,000 from Ford Motor Company. The top 10 awards will be based on the number of votes that they receive.

Please help Villa Madonna bring home the top prize as they head for the home stretch. Please vote here once a day now through July 15th:

After the video appears, you will see an icon below it that says “MY FAV VOTE”. Click on the icon – you are then required to provide an email address and your name and address. Ford will send you an email confirmation. You must click on “confirm” in order to finalize your vote.

 Remember, you can vote once a day per email address!

 Good luck Villa Madonna Academy!

Mayor Mallory Announces NASCAR Preview Event in Downtown Wednesday, July 6th

July 5, 2011

Mayor Mark Mallory announced that the NASCAR Hauler Tour is coming to Downtown Cincinnati Wednesday, July 6th from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the parking lot at 5th and Race Streets.  The event will feature five of the race car haulers from Stuart-Haas Racing and Joe Gibbs Racing.

The event will feature Joe Gibbs Racing haulers transporting Kyle Busch’s No. 18, Denny Hamlin’s No. 11 and Joey Logano’s No. 20 and Stewart-Haas Racing haulers featuring Tony Stewart’s No. 14 and Ryan Newman’s No. 39.

Mayor Mallory will be at the event to make a special presentation to NASCAR officials.  Fans will have the opportunity to tour the haulers and speak with the mechanics and crew.  The Special Edition 2012 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible pace car will also be there along with several show cars.  There will also be music and food trucks.

This is the official kick off in Cincinnati for Kentucky Speedway’s historic tripleheader weekend that features the July 9 “Quaker State 400” along with the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series “UNOH 225” on July 7 and the NASCAR Nationwide Series “Feed The Children 300” on July 8.

Ford is excited to announce the Special Edition 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible that offers fans a chance to play unique roles in the Kentucky Speedway’s historic Sprint Cup event. Ford has built and will sell only 43 Official Pace Car Mustang GT Convertible to match the number of drivers in the inaugural “Quaker State 400” field. White Mustangs are numbered for collectible purposes and feature unique “Official Pace Car” badging along with NASCAR and Kentucky Speedway logos.


Consumers who purchase a limited-edition Mustang will have the opportunity to:

  • Drive a Sprint Cup Series competitor around Kentucky Speedway’s 1.5 mile tri-oval during the traditional NASCAR parade lap prior to the 7:30 p.m. start to the “Quaker State 400”
  • Enjoy four complimentary “Quaker State 400” tickets
  • Meet and have a Ford driver autograph the Mustang
  • Be chosen to wave the green flag during the Sprint Cup Series qualifying July 8 

Convertibles are equipped with a 5.0 liter, 412 horsepower V8 engine, 3.5 inch mandrel-bent exhaust, coil-over MacPherson strut front suspension as well as a custom exterior package that delivers a pedestal spoiler, side scoops and a decklid face panel.

Fuller Ford offers Lifetime Free Oil Changes on ALL new vehicle purchases – in stock or factory ordered. This includes the Special Edition 2012 Mustang GT 5.0 Convertible! Fuller Ford is the Cincinnati Tri-State Region’s leader for the hottest, cutting-edge, most powerful vehicles available. Whether you are coming from Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, we are conveniently located right off of I-75, just west of downtown Cincinnati. Check out our entire inventory at www.fullerisford.com.

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