Fiesta Facebook Challenge Lets Fans Push Envelope of Fun, Brings Back Fiesta Movement Agents

Fans of the Ford Fiesta are being asked to get their creative juices flowing again, thanks to the Ford Fiesta Facebook Challenge where Fiesta Facebook fans participate in monthly challenges inspired by missions done by Fiesta Movement agents.

“We’re extending the challenges we gave to our Fiesta Movement agents to our Facebook fans, so it’s a perfect way to let Fiesta Movement followers get in on the fun,” said Sam De La Garza, Fiesta brand manager. “Each challenge perfectly aligns with the fun nature of Fiesta, and we’re hoping the fans come out to show what they can create.”

The challenge kicks off this week with Zombie Survival Guide, which asks users to “zombify” themselves and create a picture that pushes the envelope of creativity. An introductory video by former Fiesta Movement agents for each challenge helps give the user a better idea of what the challenge requires. Check out the inspirational video for Zombie Survival Guide here:

Other challenges include:

  • Wear Craig’s Beard for a Day, which asks users to edit a picture of themselves to include former Fiesta Movement agent Craig’s beard and tell people what their favorite feature on the Fiesta is. Check out the inspirational video here:
  • Match Brittini’s Donation, which has fans match former Fiesta Movement agent Brittini’s donation to their favorite charity and take a video or picture of it to share. Check out the inspirational video here:
  • Fifteenth Feature, which, in a take on Craig’s personalized list of 14 “exclusive” Fiesta features, asks users to shoot a photo of their idea for a 15th subjective feature. Check out the inspirational video here:

“We’re letting people engage in Facebook Challenge similar to how they could interact with Fiesta Movement agents and their missions, but this time they get to create the content,” said Brian McClary, Ford social and emerging media specialist. “This challenge will let us keep the organic nature of the program rolling and give users who want to share content an avenue to do so.”

Once challenges are complete, Facebook users will vote on the best content and a winner will be awarded a prize each month. When the challenge ends in January, the overall winner will win an Apple iPad, with a leader board on the Fiesta Facebook fan page updating users on the standings.

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