2011 Ford Super Duty Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tutorial


Injection of DEF to reduce NOx is a proven technology used throughout the auto industry. Unlike other manufacturers’ solutions, the DEF system allows the diesel engine to run at its optimum range in terms of fuel mixture – some systems require the engine to run richer, which can be harmful to diesel engines, to control the NOx.

  • DEF is a solution of approximately one-third high-purity urea and two-thirds demineralized water that is clear, nontoxic and safe to handle.
  • DEF tank, supply module and supply line are heated to help ensure DEF remains in a liquid state, preventing it from freezing while in operation or thawing from a frozen state.
  • DEF is injected into the exhaust system, to greatly reduce NOx levels.
  • The DEF tank includes temperature and fluid level sensors, and when the level reaches an approximate 800 mile distance-to-empty level, an instrument cluster warning alerts the driver.
  • On Pickups, the DEF tank and fill nozzle are located together with the diesel fuel tank and fill nozzle on the driver’s side of the vehicle and require refilling at oil-change intervals.


Watch this short tutorial on how to properly fill your DEF tank and when to fill it according to the message center in the instrument cluster:  


DEF is available at Fuller Ford in 1 gallon bottles or in bulk. Call our parts department at (513) 352-5870 or (888) 893-7505 or contact us at http://www.fullerisford.com/order-parts.aspx for more information.

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