2011 Fiesta: Quality, Reliability, Durability

The 2011 Fiesta is big on quality with NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) control enhancements that improve on the global-market Fiesta models. An important North America-specific NVH control characteristic is the standard class-exclusive acoustic laminated windshield, designed to reduce interior noise levels in the Ford Fiesta. As a result, people are already taking notice. MSN has recently recognized the 2011 Ford Fiesta as their number one choice for vehicles under $15,000, beating out the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa among others (see top ranked 2011 fiesta).


Here’s a look at features that contribute to enhanced Fiesta quality:

  • Extra-stiff dash panel in the area of the cowl top, to help reduce stress and associated noise
  • Climate control system performs efficiently and operates quietly
  • Standard acoustic laminated windshield, outside rearview mirror placement and high-level door seals all work to help reduce wind noise
  • Acoustic headliner; full-coverage sound-absorption material in the door trim panels; A-, B- and C-pillar foam block and full-coverage floor panel mastics all work together to help reduce cabin noise
  • Stiff body structure and suspension attachment points help reduce road noise


Customers will appreciate that Fiesta has endured the equivalent of thousands of customer miles in tough durability tests that included:

  • 800 cycles through salt and mud baths to help deliver excellent corrosion performance and protection
  • 24,000 miles over chuckholes (potholes) and cobblestones and 1500 cycles over railroad crossings to help ensure suspension integrity and performance
  • 13,000 miles with Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) brake stops (panic stops) on gravel to help ensure excellent emergency maneuvering capability


Fiesta comes standard with durability features, including:

  • Long-life Duratec engine components, such as the chain-driven dual camshafts, which offer outstanding durability with no required valve adjustments for 150,000 miles
  • Body-color 5 mph bumpers, which are rated at twice the federal requirement and help resist sheet metal damage from minor front and rear impacts
  • 10,000 mile oil-change interval under normal driving conditions
  • Spark plugs, which are rated for 90,000 miles under normal driving conditions


In addition to more than 550 component and system laboratory tests to verify durability and functionality over the vehicle’s lifetime, Fiesta has earned its stripes on the road with the Fiesta Movement Agents (see “fiesta agents”). During the original Fiesta Movement, the 100 Agents accumulated more than 1.5 million miles!

With Fiesta Movement Chapter 2, there are 20 teams of two Agents, each bringing the 2011 Fiesta to life through a new set of missions. A natural progression from phase one of the Fiesta Movement, missions will be centered on each team’s neighborhood, with Agents tapping into their local communities to help execute and promote missions.

Fuller Ford looks forward to the arrival of the all new 2011 Ford Fiesta this summer. As always, Fuller Ford offers Lifetime Free Oil Changes on ALL new vehicle purchases – in stock or factory ordered. This includes the Ford Fiesta! Fuller Ford is the Cincinnati Tri-State Region’s leader for the hottest, cutting-edge, most fuel efficient vehicles available. Whether you are coming from Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana, we are conveniently located right off of I-75, just west of downtown Cincinnati. Fuller Ford can help you customize your Ford Fiesta. Order your Fiesta today at http://www.fullerisford.com/2011-fiesta.aspx.




One Response to 2011 Fiesta: Quality, Reliability, Durability

  1. Steve says:

    Everyone will want a Fiesta when they find out D.W. (Dave Wagner) is driving one!

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